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How Robotic Process Automation Course (RPA) in Singapore Can Make HR’s Job Easier

Prior to the introduction of RPA courses in Singapore, Human Resources (HR) was seen as a highly manual department, dealing with tons of paperwork.

It’s also not uncommon to hear of delays in administrative processes, such as payroll, leave management, and employee onboarding processes.

What if manual processes can be automated so that HR can become a high-value strategic role? 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) courses in Singapore revolutionise processes and eliminate repetitive manual labour for businesses. 

How you may ask? 

Robotic Process Automation is able to eliminate such repetitive, manual labour, while RPA courses in Singapore can educate on how to digitise and improve overall efficiency, freeing up capacity for more critical business operations. This is especially critical in a post-pandemic world, where it can mean the difference between staying afloat or going under in this hyper-competitive business climate. 

Here are 3 instances where a Robotic process automation course  can significantly help you transform workflows and improve job satisfaction across the board!

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1. Streamline candidate hiring and onboarding systems

Screening resumes and shortlisting candidates through the hiring procedure is a necessary but mundane process that all businesses can relate to, regardless of scale or industry. In certain instances, the final hiring decision can be coloured by inherent bias, leading to less-than-ideal candidates that prove to be a misfit with the company. 

With the introduction of RPA courses in SIngapore, HRs now can drastically reduce your screening time by automating the process, analysing resumes with predetermined rules in order to uncover an objective fit. 

This raises the overall quality of interview candidates, while also reducing the margin for human error, i.e. missing out on quality hires! HR professionals can also automate the entire follow-up process, creating a seamless candidate experience for the interviewee as well.

This extremely informative video by Automation Anywhere shows how exactly RPA helps the HR automate the employee onboarding process with some easy and hassle-free steps.

2. Reduce human errors and ensure compliance

By working on set rules, Robotic Process Automation Course helps the HRs  to effectively reduce the error margin to zero. This is to say, 100% accuracy can be achieved as long as the parameters are sound. 

A huge relief to employees who have to burn the midnight oil, trying to find the elusive error that’s messing up their calculations! By freeing up their time for more advanced creative and critical thinking tasks, companies are able to improve productivity without any upward pressure on headcount. 

Maintaining compliance is also a key HR function that shouldn’t be overlooked. Strict labour and equal representation laws require companies to prioritise error-free and smooth compliance, where every single detail needs to be thoroughly scrutinised. Using RPA software for compliance-related activities speeds up the process, minimises delays and human errors, enhancing the overall accuracy and granting ease of mind.

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3. Validate HR decisions with analytics

Taking RPA to the next level, intelligent automation can surface data trends that otherwise may not have been highlighted, as well as predict into the future to allow for forecasting decisions and support the company’s future growth decisions.

According to a case study from Automation Anywhere, RPA implemented in HR functions can save up to 7,000 hours of employee time annually. A further study by Deloitte claims that RPA deployment leads to 10-20% savings not just in HR, but for the overall business processes.

Of course, Rome was not built in a day. 

Start the team off with a few low-complexity and low-risk automations and they’ll soon have increased learning capacity to build more complex solutions with minimal additional resources.

At this RPA Course in Singapore offered by BELLS Technology Hub, learn how to automate business processes at speed and scale even without prior automation background! We are also an Approved Training Partner of Automation Anywhere, the global leader in Robotic process Automation Course.

For experienced HR professionals, the demand for RPA-related skills are on the rise. Seize the chance to up-skill and work towards the RPA Certification Singapore with our RPA courses in Singapore!

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